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The Wilko Strap is a Bondbeam Truss Cyclone Strap that was designed, patented and manufactured especially to suit housing and construction in areas prone to cyclones and high to extreme wind conditions. The Wilko Strap is highly regarded by local businesses using this product. Made from Australian ZincalumeĀ® steel, the Wilko Strap has undergone physical testing at the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station. A report on the limit state values has been provided by the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station and is available on request. The Wilko Strap is a quick and economical answer for connection of timber trusses and rafters and floor joists to masonry block walls. The Wilko Strap makes a difficult job easy, speeding up truss installation by at least 20% compared to a cleat and bolt system. It also provides lateral structural support. Benefits of the Wilko Strap include: Quicker and easier than threading cleats; Max Nail gun is easier to use than spanners; less wear and tear on drills and drill bits; less painful on the hands when drilling cleats and plates; can nail off strap before next truss is placed. The Wilko Strap is manufactured in Townsville, North Queensland, and are available from suppliers throughout North Queensland, Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.